BAHAHAHAH good luck to me #yolo #nosering #interview #jobfair
#yolo  (at Urban Outfitters)
Wait what!? #kidsthesedays #yolo #mybestfriend
This thunderstorm is clearly Captain Shin’s tears #failure #yolo
Clearly I don’t know what I’m doin #yolo  (Taken with Instagram)

Just realized that fitting my purchases into my luggage isn’t the problem; fitting them in my closet is.

Fun fact: I didn’t wear deodorant today ;)

So I thought I could take my design history final later today
I figured I would finish my final projects a lot sooner than I thought, but of course I got caught up in every single little detail of them. Meh whatev
Looks like that final exam is gonna have to wait til Thursday

I played volleyball today And got smacked in the face twice

Heading out in about 1.5 hours.
Let this bad omen contaminate the Prettster and Zhang. Mwahahah.